The Gilbert District

Ch-ch-changes for the Historic Gilbert District a’coming. It’s all good.

Kirwen Building

Downtown parking changes get nod in first reading



Seaside took a step Monday to eliminate the parking requirement for certain types of residential uses above ground floor commercial uses in the city’s downtown core.

Acting on a recommendation from the Planning Commission, the council considered the measure to make workforce housing more economical for developers and provide more affordable housing for tenants.

“There’s been a push to look at creating opportunities to allow the second story of the downtown core areas to allow for residential uses,” Community Development Director Kevin Cupples said.

Mayor Jay Barber said the ordinance was in response to the council goal to provide more workforce housing, particularly in the core area. “This is a step toward that as well.”

Ordinance 2020-03 creates a new zoning definition for “dwelling, residential-over-commercial,” a dwelling unit of one bedroom or less, located above a commercial establishment.

The current ordinance requires two parking spaces per dwelling unit for all types of apartments, multifamily dwellings and conventional detached dwellings.

This will bring parking requirements similar to surrounding communities, Cupples said. “That would be one parking space for a studio apartment, for a one-bedroom it would be 1.25, and for a two-bedroom, it would be 1.5 parking spaces per unit.”

The ordinance seeks to reduce regulatory hurdles associated with developing workforce rental housing and promote more efficient use of land within the city. The measure is based on discussion and public comment from the Planning Commission, which undertook the ordinance in October.

Council member Tita Montero showed concern whether residents would be exempt from three-hour limits in the downtown parking zone.

Steve Wright called the ordinance a “first step. A lot of this still has to go back to the Planning Commission afterwards,” he said. “They can work out things like parking tags, where to park, and how to keep the streets clear so the street sweepers can go through. I think it’s time to get this done, moving forward.”

The Planning Commission could address parking when applicants come in for development, Cupples said. “If someone went in to propose it, it would be up for review,” he said.

Montero was the sole vote against the change, seeking greater guidance in parking rules. “I’m uncomfortable not knowing what the expectations are of people living in those units.”

“We can’t put everything in an ordinance to address every situation,” Wright said. “I think this is the right step to make.”

Following the first reading, the ordinance will be scheduled for a public hearing and second reading at the March 9 meeting. The new parking rules could go to a third reading and final adoption on March 23.


Welcome to the Historic Gilbert District. Bliss Mercantile & Brocante.

Bliss Mercantile & Brocante

Shopping & Specialty Retail

734 Broadway Seaside, OR 97138

(971) 865-6255




Purveyor of Chateau Chic Style-treasures for the home and garden that are a little bit French Country and a little bit Romantic Rococo…


And, too, welcome to the Seaside Chamber of Commerce!


Sharing a grace note to the Historic Gilbert District:

“As a resident in walking distance I am over the moon that Bliss has come to Seaside, into that section of Broadway! We are SO fortunate! Revitalization of one of our most beautiful storefronts, from such dear and creative folks, with a venue we can shop and enjoy year round, is such a gift! Welcome them, support them, appreciate them! Thank you Bliss Mercantile and Brocante for choosing Seaside, Oregon!”  P. Schwenzer

End of the Trail Pub softly opens in the Historic Gilbert District of downtown Seaside.


Soft opening July 22 with a grand opening planned after the summer, 2019.


Sean McKeown, a member of a longtime restaurant family in Seaside, received a full on-premise sales license at the End of the Trail Public House at 735 Broadway located in the historic Beacon Hotel Building.

McKeown was the owner/operator of the Irish Pub which used to be across from this location from 2012-17 as back bar to McKeown’s Restaurant.

The idea behind the place is to have a pool table, darts, shuffleboard, cornhole,” McKeown said. “Really a place for people to have something to do other than sit at a bar and drink.”



Serving pub-style food. The restaurant’s name is derived from “End of the Trail” statue at the turnaround, erected in 1940 to salute the two-year, 4,000-mile expedition of Lewis and Clark.

While the restaurant won’t theme “too much” with the explorers, some history will be displayed along the walls.

P.S.S.T. Another new business arriving in the Historic Gilbert District.



At Home on Broadway

722 Broadway St

Seaside, OR 97138


Located in the former McKeown’s Irish Pub.




At Home on Broadway

722 Broadway St

Located in the Wheatley/ Desler building  block of the Historic Gilbert District in downtown Seaside.

Will be featuring “three distinct brands; Tuscany/ South of France, mid-century Modern and vintage.”


In addition, will feature vintage Bakelite accessories, a collection of home textiles and decorative candles.


Owner/ operator Paula Johnson.

Soft opening by spring break 2019.

More news to follow.

Fun fact:

Paula has goods in several other locations in the Northwest, as well, Monticello Antiques in Portland and an antique store near Mount Angel in Oregon.

Welcome to the Historic Gilbert District. Voyages Toys now in Seaside.

Shout out.

New business.

Voyages Toys

10-B N. Holladay

 In the Gilbert Block building.

In the historic Gilbert District Seaside, Or

Enhance your visit to the Oregon Coast by visiting Voyages Toys.

Talk with our expert staff to learn about the best toys for the beach, the most popular puzzles, and the latest award-winning games.

Jeremy, originally from Astoria, OR, has spent the last 16 years working professionally in Project Management. He has worked for companies such as Hollywood Video, Starbucks Coffee Co., and KinderCare Education.

In 2010 he started his own company Cosmic Reads, LLC. A company that sells high grade comic books online at Where he also spent time as an authorized witness for comic book signatures for CBCS comic book grading. He is married to Sally and together they have one son named Charlie.

Sally, originally from Cornelius, OR, spent 15 years working for OHSU. Over the past several years both Sally and Jeremy have been attending comic book conventions all over Oregon, Washington, and Texas.

“We are both excited about this opportunity to own and operate Voyages and are really excited. Not only for this new exciting adventure but, also to be closer to our family.”



Our Mission

To promote face to face interaction through tabletop games, to encourage outdoor play, and to boost awareness of the amazing talent that exists in the comic book industry.




Open in Seaside. 




 Other Locations:

Voyages Toys Cannon Beach

Located in Sandpiper Square in Cannon Beach, this location has been a toy store for over 20 years.

Voyages Toys  in Nye Beach, Newport, OR


Mystery Boxes!

Featured in the window of the Seaside Shop.
March 2019


A Pop Culture Toy, Comic, and Game, Rainbow Road Mystery Box.

Guaranteed to contain:

A variety of pop culture toys, comics, and/or games!
With an overall retail value of AT LEAST $80 and UP TO $200!
If you are into superheroes, sci fi/fantasy movies, tv shows, or other pop culture fandoms… Mystery Boxes!

Everything in the box is NEW and ordered specifically for these boxes.

From the Seaside Visitor’s Bureau.


Photo of the corner Wheatley/ Desler Building  located in the Historic Gilbert District of downtown Seaside.


Map courtesy of KP Graphic Arts


Visit Seaside, OR
February 27, 2019

“There is something charming in little seaside towns when it is not high tourist season. Love this little sleepy, more relaxed and laid back vibe, a chance to browse through small shops and cafes without crowds, have a little talk with owners.”
Precious times indeed. 💕


And, too, an article published by Seaside Visitors Bureau



March 1, 2019 | by Seaside Visitors Bureau

Seaside, Oregon, is known for its downtown murals and active arts scene.

As one of the best known beach destinations in the Pacific Northwest, Seaside has a reputation for stunning sunsets, inviting sand, and proximity to incredible hiking trails that wander along both the sandy shores and rugged bluffs. In addition to its scenic beauty, though, Seaside is also full of rich history and embraces artists from all walks of life. From art walks to museums to festivals, this Oregon Coast gem has an ocean’s worth of art and culture to explore during your next visit.


Visiting Seaside when there is not an Art Walk? Don’t fret. Seaside’s art community is well represented all year long. Must-stop art galleries include the Oregon Gallery, the SunRose Gallery, the Fairweather House and Gallery, and the numerous murals spread all throughout town. The Seaside murals are an attraction in themselves and capture the spirit and culture of this idyllic coastal town. Colorful, iconic, and full of the coastal spirit you’d expect to see, the murals, which are perfect for selfies in the salty air, adorn buildings all around town.


Salon on Broadway located in the historic Gilbert District of Seaside.

Salon on Broadway

810 Broadway St

Ste. 203

Seaside, OR 97138

Phone: (503) 717-2191


The words, “Brazilian Blow Out” and “Moroccan Oil” may not have a lot of meaning to you, that is unless you’ve been exposed to the higher realms of hair care a person might take for granted at a sophisticated city hair salon. But now you can experience these products, and other luxurious hair treatments at a new salon in Seaside — and at a fraction of city costs.

“Customer satisfaction is guaranteed,” said Kegan French, who along with his partner, Will Witt, just opened Salon on Broadway, located at 810 Broadway in Seaside. “If you don’t like it, we’ll switch it out for you at no cost. We stand by our work and our products 100 percent.”



Kegan French and Will Witt.

French was born in Germany. He grew up in Utah on an Air Force base. He comes from a family doctors and other medical professionals and was expected to follow that path. Instead, while still a college student, he became a stagehand and wardrobe technician in Salt Lake City.

“I worked with Rascal Flatts, Gwen Stefani, Cirque de Soleil,” French said. “I worked with Faith Hill and Tim McGrath. I worked with Ozzy Osborne. I worked with Korn. My life was all glitz and glamour and gradually I began to realize I wanted to make everyone feel like a star.”

It wasn’t long before he ditched the career path his family envisioned for him to enroll in Paul Mitchell, The School, in Salt Lake City. He seriously began to study hair care, graduating as a cosmetologist in 2011.

Eight years ago, French followed his mother, Mary French-Peterson, to the Oregon Coast. For a time he ran the hair salon at Necanicum Village. He had a salon in Astoria. Then he found out about space available in the newly renovated Westport Winery building and a bell went off.

“I knew right away this was where I wanted to be,” French said.

Salon on Broadway focuses on specialized, premium services.

“Conditioning, hair color, precision hair cuts, broken hair bonding and cuticle services are the foundation of industry leading hair care,” French said. “Our advanced skin care uses state-of-the-art micro current, microdermabrasion, photon therapy, ultrasonic cavitation, radio and high frequency rejuvenation, and chemical peels,” he said. “Our truly exceptional nail care includes detailed manicures, pedicures, and shellac nails. If you don’t know what treatment you need, we’re here to guide you.”

Salon on Broadway is a unique space. While it has a modern, industrial feel, at the same time it feels more like a spa than a hair salon. There is a relaxing private room for the specialized facials. Expect world-class service and cutting edge treatment. And then there’s the energy work. French is a resource for his clients in chakra care, quantum healing and hypnotherapy.


“I take the healing and beautifying arts very seriously,” he said. “Hair color correction is one of my specialties. Come in and visit us at Salon on Broadway. I’m dedicated and committed to the happiness, health, and well being of my clients. Your satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed.”

Salon on Broadway is located at 810 Broadway, Suite 203. The salon is open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. – article by Eve Marx/ Seaside Signal


Salon on Broadway is located in the historic Gilbert District of downtown Seaside in the Wheatley/ Desler Block.



Looking forward. What’s going on in the Menzel Building located in the Historic Gilbert District?

Please share your news about the new store for a blog for the historic Gilbert District…



“We are building a new Pizza a’fetta Restaurant mixing both Pizza a’fetta and Bella Espresso on the first floor.

The second floor will be a banquet seating 65 guests and hosting live Jazz and Comedy.

The third floor will host eight boutique hotel rooms called The Chief’s Quarters Boutique hotel.”–JAMES FAURENTINO


The  stores (three new) will be located between Firehouse Grill  and Tonquin Trading in the first block west off from Highway 101. Stay tuned for more news as it arrives.


December window displays in the Gilbert neighborhood are, truly, a holiday greeting card.

2018 photo postcard by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall commissioned by Fairweather House and Gallery for Seaside First Saturday Art Walk.


Top row:

Fairweather House and Gallery located at 612 Broadway St. Seaside Yarn and Fiber located at 10A N. Holladay Dr., and SunRose Gallery located at 606 Broadway Street.


Bottom Row:

Westport Winery located at 810 Broadway St., The Whet Spot located at 12 N. Holladay Dr.,  Beach Books located at 616 Broadway St., Shine Fair Trade located at 609 Broadway St. (gnome) and City of Seaside intersection at Broadway Street and Holladay Drive.




Celebrating 15 years in 2019, the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk, is a free event and is open to the public. The Art Walk is all about seeing art in the galleries and boutiques located between Holladay Drive and Broadway Street in the historic district of downtown Seaside.
Map courtesy of KP Graphic Arts.
The Historic Gilbert District in downtown Seaside, on the corner of Broadway Street and Holladay Drive.
2019 Seaside First Saturday Art Walks.
March 2
April 6
May 4
June 1
July 6
August 3
September 7
October 5
November 2
December 7

Please note: There will no Art Walks in January or February.


For more photos, go to www/ Seaside First Saturday Art Walk.

Shop the neighborhood. Stroll the neighborhood. Enjoy the holiday season.