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Seaside First Saturday Art Walk. Thank you!

SEASIDE — Celebrating 13 years in 2017, the next Seaside First Saturday Art Walk, will be held 5 to 7 p.m. Sept. 2.Visitors meet artists, see original art, sip wine and snag appetizers by favorite restaurants or personal chefs, view artist demonstrations and, oftentimes, enjoy live music perf

Source: Seaside First Saturday Art Walk


Seaside First Saturday Art Walk

Source: Seaside First Saturday Art Walk

Seaside First Saturday Art Walk: February 2017

SEASIDE — The Seaside First Saturday Art Walk, celebrating 13 years in 2017, is all about the arts. Visitors meet artists, view artist demonstrations, listen to art lectures or enjoy live performances in music. The next art walk will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 4 in the historic…read more…

Source: Seaside First Saturday Art Walk: February 2017

It’s easy to SEASIDE Oregon. From the 2016 visitor’s guide. All about the Gilbert District.


Hunt For Treasures Around Town, by Karen Vitt



And, too, the back story:

“Hello there, Jon,
We have a Gilbert District WordPress blog and would like to post an article about the Gilbert District that appeared in the 2016 edition. Would you be able to release that article to me to reprint? We, of course, would post a credit and a your permission to post the article in a sideline.”

That would be fine if you’d like to share this on your blog. The easiest way – if it works for you is to link directly to the virtual visitor guide page that the article appeared on. You can access that here:
Let me know if you have any further questions. Hope that works for you. Jon”



Jon Rahl, Director of Tourism Marketing

Seaside First Saturday Art Walk. March 5th. In the historic Gilbert Block.

Celebrating 12 years in 2016, the next Seaside First Saturday Art Walk, will be held on March 5th, 5-7: pm. The event is all about selling art.

Visitors meet artists, sip wine or snag appetizers by favorite restaurants or personal chefs, at times, view an artist demonstration and, oftentimes, enjoy live performances in music. The affairs are free and are all about raising awareness for the cultural arts in businesses, shops, boutiques and dining establishments located between Holladay and Broadway in the historic Gilbert District of downtown Seaside.


Two significant exhibitions are featured this month:

Beach Books, 616 Broadway

The Green Cab, (a group of artists inspired by the influential BlueRider artist group (Der Blaue Reiter) of Europe in the early 20th century,) was created with the goal of encouraging and inspiring each other, sharing techniques and information about the business side of art, and sharing our work with the public. The “Cabbies” are a synergistic alliance of artists, working in a variety of mediums.

About the artists:

Helvi Smith
, founder of the Green cabbies, paints every day. Color never scares her. She is a fearless, self-taught painter. Bruce Ulrich believes that all art is an abstraction, and painting is, at its core, colored marks on a flat surface. Painting is a way of investigating different styles and uses of abstraction to explore landscapes, objects, colors and textures. Penny Forrest uses art as an invitation to slow down, look around, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us daily in our busy and cluttered lives. Jim Zaleski combines the traditional art forms of painting and drawing with the high tech computer world to produce colorful and exciting art that is full of vibrant colors and loaded with whimsy.

Jeff Hall enjoys using re-purposed materials in his art making process. His surface building explores real and imagined space, while leaving room for the viewer’s own interpretation and experience. Barbara Martin comes from a line of story tellers and herbalists and the product of an internationally nomadic life. An Oregon artist who channels the primordial through her art, calling us home to our most ancient roots of time and place. Anne E. Brown paints on wooden panels: loving the way the brush and the paint feels when they touch the surface of the panel, letting some of the wood show through. Elina Zebergs’s art is as varied as her interests. She works in a variety of mediums, including acrylics and encaustic (wax) painting. She is also an accomplished muralist.

Hevli Smith at Beach Books
Helvi Smith at Beach Books

Elina's crows at Beach Books

Elina Zeberg at Beach Books

Fairweather House and Gallery, 612 Broadway

Celebrates its 10th anniversary with an opening reception for an exhibition titled Above and Beyond, offers insightful, timely and relevant works of art about the spring season. Regional artists, selected, basically, to acknowledge the coastal flyway habitats and to awaken our senses to nature from the ground up.
About the artists:
Britney Drumheller, Cannon Beach resident, along with Abbas Atwi, offers art that functions as symbolic expressions relating to the value people attach to the North coastal tidelands and its marine life.

Britney owl

Britney Drumheller’s OWL at Fairweather’s

Art by Kathryn Delany includes many diverse aspects of life, challenging a viewer’s horizons and viewpoint of the world. Delany explores the art of birds and mixed media inspired by the passing of the winter solstice.

Soltice Bird at Fairweather's by KAthryn Delany

Kathryn Delany From a Bird’s Point of View at Fairweather’s

Rosemary Klein works in the realm of visionary truths. Yet, as a former journalist and reference librarian, it’s sometimes hard for the artist to let of to the literal and venture into the more intuitive dimension of “what if?” Klein’s featured art is found in the beyond if one could see below the sea.

Rosemary Klein at Fairweather's

Rosemary Klein Ode to Joy at Fairweather’s

Seaside/ Gearhart naturalist Neal Maine will reveal his latest natural history photo journal, as well as providing lecture at 6:00pm about what is above and beyond “the coastal edge”.


Special guest Joshua Saranpaa, Executive Director of the Wildlife Center of the North Coast, will speak about promoting compassion, empathy and respect for all life. Flynn, the ever dashing American Kestrel, visits.


“WCNC” is a volunteer based non-profit Oregon corporation with IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, whose mission is to rehabilitate injured, sick, orphaned and displaced native wildlife with the goal of releasing healthy, viable wildlife back into the appropriate habitat. Operating under permits issued by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife and the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Light refreshments. wine tasting and live music by Shirley 88 will be offered.

Shirley 88

In addition, original art is featured at:
SunRose Gallery, 606 Broadway
Seaside Coffee House, 3 N. Holladay Drive
T. Anjuli’s Gallery, 5 N. Holladay Drive



Participating Restaurants:

McKeown’s, 1 S Holladay Drive
Three Little Bird’s Bakery, 8 N Holladay Drive
Tora Sushi, 619 Broadway
Nooni’s Bistro, 831 Broadway
McKeown’s, 1 S Holladay Drive

Complimentary parking for the historic Gilbert District is on the corner of Holloday and Oceanway.
AW map

Seaside First Saturday Art Walk, October 3rd, 2015. 5-7pm.

Seaside art Walk logo

Celebrating 11 years in 2015, Seaside First Saturday Art Walk, the next Art Walk will be held on Oct.3rd, 5-7: pm. Visitors meet artists, sip wine or snag appetizers by favorite restaurants or personal chefs, view artist demonstrations and, oftentimes, enjoy live performances in music. The affairs are in businesses, shops, boutiques and dining establishments located between Holladay and Broadway in the historic Gilbert District of downtown Seaside. Dedicated parking for the historic Gilbert District is on the corner of Oceanway and Holladay.

Gilbert District map

Fairweather House and Gallery, 612 Broadway
Opens FALL RETREAT, layering together diverse elements in seasonal art from regional artists: Jo Pomeroy-Crockett, Bev Drew Kindley, Sherrie Stahl, Linda Fenton-Mendenhall, Nick Brakel in collaboration with Jeremiah Sieber to create an inviting, decidedly cosmopolitan exhibition.
Jo Pomeroy-Crockett’s body of work for FALL RETREAT includes unusual painting supports such as yupo, a paper made from recycled products, challenging glass like surfaces, and birch bark.

Nick Brakel in collaboration with Jeremiah Sieber explores concern about water birds and sea mammals that may be affected by climate change. Aesthetically within the work, there is the contrast between the bright modern and geometric forms, with the more organic forms of the natural world. This is an echo, of the contrast between the modern human world, and that of nature. A mirrored glimpse into the contrast and disconnect.
Bev Drew Kindley has taught painting classes, exhibits art “en plein air”, a French term, meaning to capture the autumn light beautifully while painting LIVE outdoors.

In addition, Fairweather’s introduces two new artists, Linda Fenton-Mendenhall, a lifelong resident of the North Oregon Coast, who is gaining recognition locally and abroad for her artistic images of landscapes and Sherrie Stahl, who creates unique collages.
At 6: pm PacificLight Images reveals Neal Maine’s autumn journal of natural history photos. Paul Brent, a member of the National Watercolor Society who resides with his family during the summer and early fall in Seaside, will offer a Painting Seaside LIVE ™, demonstrating painting a watercolor.

SunRose Gallery, 606 Broadway
Will feature new art from Charlotte Bruhn, Ronnie Harris and Charity Stewart, gallery artists, which will be highlighted for the October 3rd Art Walk.

Rounding out the event will be autumn treats and live music by Richard T.

Beach Books, 616 Broadway
For the October Art Walk Jorjett Strumme will exhibit her works titled “Costume Art 2.0.” Life for Seaside, Oregon native, Jorjett Strumme, has been an adventure echoing those on the big screen of old Hollywood.

Jorjett’s lifelong dream of designing and creating glamorous fashion for the legends of Hollywood was a dream destined to come true. The glamorous, “Golden Age” of Hollywood, is still a source of inspiration for the artist and designer.

“I was so lucky to be in the right place at the right time. People ask me so often, how did you get from Seaside, Oregon to Hollywood, California? I had a lot of guts, a lot of determination and a lot of good luck.”

In 2009, Jorjett was inducted into the Seaside High School Hall of Fame for both her student and career achievements. After over 20 years in Los Angeles and London, Jorjett resides once again in Seaside, Oregon.

Read more about Jorjett at:

Seaside Coffee House, 3 N. Holladay Drive
Oftentimes, acting as a welcoming space where art enthusiasts gather, interact and collectively review the Art Walk experience, features art by Morgan Stoller, whose pen and ink work is demonstrated through dramatic, subtle contrasts of light and shadows.

T. Anjuli’s Gallery, 5 N. Holladay Drive
Featuring artists/gallery owners Lisa Scigliano and Billy Lutz.

For October, “Leafraker”, an oil on canvas, is featured this month.
Leafraker: “He is immersed in ideals of windblown fates and felicity. The open air theater prods him to reconsider himself, his importance and his insignificance to the ever changing whole. In Presence he tends his garden by raking the leaves from his path,” writes artist/ philosopher Billy Lutz.

Seaside First Saturday Art Walk IS on July 4th, no fooling. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Seaside art Walk logo

The Mission of the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk is to provide an excellent cultural experience and to support regional talents in visual art, literature, music, theatre and dance for the benefit of our residents and visitors.

Gilbert District map

Celebrating 11 years in 2015, Seaside First Saturday Art Walk, held on the first Saturday evening of each month, 5-7: pm. Visitors meet artists, sip wine or snag appetizers by favorite restaurants or personal chefs, view artist demonstrations and, oftentimes, enjoy live performances in music. The affairs are in businesses, shops, boutiques and dining establishments located between Holladay and Broadway in the historic Gilbert District of downtown Seaside. The next Art Walk is Saturday, July 4th!!! Complimentary parking is to be found on the corner of Holladay and Oceanway.

So on the 4th. A trio of galleries will rule the evening, as each iconic gallery draws on one another’s collective energy with doors flung open to celebrate the holiday.


SunRose Gallery, 606 Broadway
Located in the Gilbert Block Building in the historic Gilbert District.
Will be featuring the enchanting fiber collage art of Robin Montero in her first exhibit at SunRose called “By the Beautiful Sea”. A Seattle native trained in costume design, Robin is a self-taught “fiber expressionist” combining her love of the sea with her own felting, jewelry-making and sewing techniques. As often as she can, she visits her vacation cottage steps from the beach in Seaside where her home studio faces west, giving her endless inspiration. Also present will be local’s favorite Patty Thurlby and her whimsical recycle art. Live jazz by Richard T. and SunRose owner Ray Coffey….it’ll be a great night for Art Walk at SunRose Gallery!


Fairweather House and Gallery, 612 Broadway
Located in the Gilbert Block building in the historic Gilbert District.
Opens an exhibit titled “Summer Reset” featuring artist Paul Brent who will offer a Painting Seaside LIVE ™ event throughout the Art Walk evening. Fairweather’s introduces two new NW artists Melissa Jander and Roz Rude to the gallery. The artists will be in attendance to meet and greet art patrons.
Paul Brent has been profiled in many publications including the Wall Street Journal, Coastal Living, Florida Monthly and many more. He is a signature member of the National and Florida Watercolor Societies and a member of the Society of Illustrators.

Melissa Jander is an artist working out of her studio in the Seattle area. Her paintings of rich landscapes use bold use of color, expressive brushstrokes and layered textures. Current art associations include Evergreen Association of Fine Arts, CIVA, and Art EAST. In addition to private sales nationwide, Melissa has sold paintings through Parklane Gallery in Kirkland, WA, Kaewyn Art Gallery in Bothell, WA; Sixth Street Art Gallery in Prosser, WA, and through a solo show at the Michael Rastovich Gallery in Richland, Washington. She has shown work at the UpFront Art Gallery in Issaquah, WA, Studio 103 Gallery and the EAFA gallery at Seattle Design Center both in Seattle.

Artist Roz Rude was raised in the San Fernando Valley. “Being a Valley girl means weekly trips to the beach is an essential part of life. When at the beach all worries seem to disappear watching the tide going in and out and the sky painted at sunset. Trained as a classical ballet dancer the need to be creative has always been a part of me. The highest compliment was when a friend asked to buy painting. She said she wanted to see it when she woke up to start her day feeling happy. I knew then that was what I wanted to do with my life, to create paintings that make people feel happy and relaxed and to capture a view or a breathtaking moment in time.” With a Degree in Psychology and Communication, the artist applies skill in suggesting a beautiful and safe place.
Live music by Shirley Smith-Yates and complimentary light bits and beverages will be provided. Seaside fine art photographer Neal Maine will speak at 6:pm about what is happening in the natural habitat “within our own back yards along the coastal edge.”

Vetrata Doni, 810 Broadway
Located in the Wheatley-Desler Building in the historic Gilbert District.

To celebrate the grand opening of “Vetrata Doni”, which means stained glass gifts in Italian, aka “that stained glass gallery (in Seaside)”, in the newly renovated Salmon Berry Square Building at 810 Broadway, Kathy Kathman, artist/teacher, mentored a student, Michael Swygert who creatively-executed a show-stopping chipped mosaic counter depicting her storefront . Loving color and design, she “doesn’t have a clue as to how many hours went into the fabrication” of her new space, which is a joint effort between family members and designers.

It is the latest gallery in the Gilbert District, located in the historic Wheatley-Desler Building, and features much more than that in concept and design work, as art is fabricated by students and interns.

Kathman, an accountant for more than 30 years, when interviewed shared a favorite quote “make decisions based on where you are going, not where you are”, has glass art genes in her family: a brother served as an architect for Dale Chihuly; the family has connections with Bulls Eye Glass Studio. The artist has taught glass art design classes in Seattle, and will offer commissioned work and on site design, as well as, classes at the gallery in Seaside.

Please visit First Saturday Art Walk for more information.

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Gilbert District to participate in Shop Small Saturday by Seaside Signal

By Katherine LacazeThe Daily Astorian
Published: November 21, 2014 2:29PM

DSC_0001 gilbert today



The Gilbert District will participate in Shop Small Saturday for the first time on Nov. 29.

Eighteen locally owned businesses in the historic Gilbert District are making it worthwhile to shop small during the traditional post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy.

The Gilbert District will be participating for the first time in the national Shop Small Saturday campaign Nov. 29 with an all-day event highlighting the district’s 100th anniversary. Shoppers will be encouraged to patronize small and local businesses.

“The shops here are really unique and have things you can’t get anywhere else,” said Kathleen DeLand-Peterson, the neighborhood champion and event organizer. “There is a place for Internet shopping, but nothing can replace going into a store and looking, and feeling, and touching and seeing the item you want to purchase.”

Shop Small Saturday was created in 2010 by American Express, but businesses do not have to accept American Express to participate in a neighborhood event. In 2012, neighborhoods across the country were encouraged to host events to bring together their communities and encourage local shopping.

At least 18 businesses from the district, which encompasses the four city blocks on the corners of Broadway and Holladay Drive, will distribute 100 collectible cards during their regular business hours. All the cards will contain information directing people to an online blog to learn more about the Gilbert District.

The district has a “rich and colorful history that we would like to share with the community,” DeLand-Peterson said, adding, “What would be better than to have a memento of the 100th year (of the district’s existence) and the businesses that were here on that 100th year?”

Cards for each corresponding business will have specific store information and also make the holder eligible for a later promotion, such as a discount, special or gift. Card holders are encouraged to keep their cards for future savings.

DeLand-Peterson said businesses can decide what promotions they want to tie to the card at a later date, when they have slow periods.

She also hopes the event will encourage locals to visit businesses they haven’t visited before. Several shops’ prices are comparable to their Portland equivalents, DeLand-Peterson said.

“It’s just a really fun event to get the community involved,” she added.

In addition to handing out cards for future use, several businesses also will hold store promotions on Nov. 29. For instance, Beach Books will offer 10 percent off all store merchandise from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.;  Seaside Yoga, Shear Pleasures Salon & Spa and Hold Fast Tattoo Company are offering discounted gift certificates.

If the event goes well this year, DeLand-Peterson hopes the district will participate in the future.


Thank you Seaside Signal for your continued support of the Historic Gilbert District
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#ShopSmall Event Saturday November 29, 2014

History of Shop Small Saturday Shop


Small Saturday is a national event that was created in 2010 by American Express. The first event was held November 27, 2010. Small Business Saturday encourages holiday shoppers to patronize brick and mortar businesses that are small and local.

In 2012 neighborhoods were encouraged to hold events to bring communities together and encourage shopping at local small businesses in their area. The events are created by a Neighborhood Champion. To be a neighborhood champion you must fill out an application and be accepted. The Neighborhood Champion plans the event with participating businesses. Neighborhood Champion: Kathleen DeLand-Peterson

The amount of support give to this event is amazing. With the creation of the event the neighborhood champion receives 200 canvas shopping bags, 10 doormats, pens, buttons and balloons. And NO you Do NOT have to accept American Express to be a part of a Neighborhood Event.

The Historic Gilbert District Event The Gilbert District is located in the heart of Seaside and encompasses the four city blocks on the corners of Broadway and Holladay. The Historic Gilbert District Event is celebrating 100 Years of the Gilbert District! Each participating store will have 100 Collectible Cards that to give out with the store’s information and a website link that features the history of the Gilbert District. The Historic Gilbert District has a rich and colorful history that we would like to share with the community.


Celebrating 100 Years The Historic Gilbert District

Keep your Collectible Cards!

Stores participating in this event have the option to give the holder of the collectible cards discounts and gifts during the year! Keep your cards for future savings!
Participating Businesses

Beach Books
616 Broadway
Beach Puppy Dog Boutique
614 Broadway
Fairweather House & Garden
612 Broadway

Hold Fast Tattoo Company
611 Broadway

KP Graphic Arts
615 Broadway #206

Seaside Antique Mall
726 Broadway
Seaside Coffee House
5 N Holladay Drive
Seaside Yoga
609 Broadway

Shear Pleasures Salon & Spa
615 Broadway #201
Star Furniture
130 S Holladay Dr
SunRose Gallery
606 Broadway

Tora Sushi
619 Broadway

Store Promotions
Gift Certificates
Seaside Yoga 20% off
Hold Fast Tattoo Co. 20 % off 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Shear Pleasures Salon & Spa 20 % off
Restaurant Discount

Tora Sushi Lounge 20% off menu off excluding alcohol, happy hour & senior menu

Star Furniture Sales & Clearance on show room floor items
Beach Books 10 off% everything in the store Hours: 10-9
KP Graphic Arts 5,000 high gloss business cards for $99 + shipping and handling.
Fairweather House & Gardens Take 20% THYMES home fragrance line, complimentary gift wrapping and gift with purchase.

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