Seaside Kites

Seaside Kites

The layout of Seaside Kites located inside Westport Winery Seaside.

Family fun.

Open daily 11-6.


The Roberts family, owners of Westport Winery in Seaside, operates Seaside Kites at 810 Broadway located in the historic Gilbert District of downtown Seaside.

Winery co-owner Kim Roberts, who partners with her husband Blain, daughter Carrie and son Dana, said she hopes kids can enjoy the shop while parents spend time in the nearby tasting room.

The kite shop’s tag line is “the sky’s the limit,” reflective of their purchase of the building in January. Since then the family has made significant investments in the property, including deferred maintenance, painting and repairing.


The store was aided by Doll Camp, who has owned Cachalot Kites in Westport, Washington for more than 40 years. She focused merchandise on affordable, colorful, and easy-to-fly kites for all ages.


Seaside Kites is located in the Wheatley/ Desler Building Block of the Gilbert District.

Seaside Kites

810 Broadway