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Our View: Shopping small is a big deal…

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You know the drill.Before your Thanksgiving meal is even fully digested, you’ve already got a dozen sales circulars spread out on the coffee table touting unbelievable deals, doorbusters, or holiday savings!Determined to fulfill your capitalistic duty, you make a strategic plan to leave the h

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Guajito’s rolls out familiar hits of Mexican cuisine

Restaurants in Seaside come and go, but based on 4 visits in April/May, we hope this one stays. The menu is more extensive than most Mexican places, including dishes like 7 seas soup. That one took a while to prepare but had generous amounts of fresh seafood- shrimp, crab, mussels, scallops and more. It came in a hot, flavorful  broth. The tamales are made in-house and unlike many tamales, had plenty of meat relative to the dough. We split an order of fajitas – which was excellent and enough food for 2 moderate appetites. The enchiladas are also good and come with a choice of sauces. The wait staff – Carlos, Cinthia   and Bautista – are friendly and accommodating. We’ll make this a regular stop.  Visited May 2017



Making a nest in Seaside.  VIEW FROM THE PORCH.  Eve Marx, reporter/  Seaside Signal May 26, 2017

Neighborhoods spots are special because regulars feel at home, with the special advantage that at home you have to make your own food or beverage, and also clean up after yourself.  Despite the general transient nature of this area, this edge of the continent we call the North Coast, we’re blessed with an abundance of neighborhood restaurants and hang outs where the locals feel at home.


What makes a neighborhood hangout outstanding?  Good food  is a plus, but vibe and atmosphere and proximity are really what count.  To me, the ideal hangout is one I can walk to.  A certain level of service helps.  My friends share with me their own favorite hangs.  High on many people’s’ lists in  Seaside: Seaside Coffee House, Nonni’s Italian Bistro and Bagels by the Sea (all located in the historic Gilbert District downtown).


Some neighborhoods hangs aren’t so much about food and drink as they are the other patrons.  People naturally want to go where their friends hear the latest dish and gossip.  If it’s Mexican food you’re craving, give the new Guajito’s on Broadway a shot.  Muy buena comida!  House-made tamales.  Fajitas. The best chicken and shrimp tacos I’ve had in a long tie.  Margaritas.   Wonderful and caring service by the ever–friendly Bautista. Hmmm.  This place is easily one of my favorite neighborhood handout.






Review and photos byThe Mouth of the Columbiamouth@coastweekend.comOn Broadway, between Holladay and Roosevelt streets, the entrance to Seaside’s tourist mecca is changing.


Source: The Mouth: Guajito’s rolls out familiar hits of Mexican cuisine