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The art of BEAVER TALES, Seaside sale and exhibition, opening May 6th, 2017. And, too, quite a few of the appointed artists and selected guest speakers arrive, as well.

To celebrate beavers and their contribution to the ecology of the North Coast, The Wetlands Conservancy, Necanicum Watershed Council and North Coast Land Conservancy have partnered with local businesses to host the Beaver Tales Art Exhibit and Sale in Seaside, Oregon.

The exhibit opens on May 6th, as part of the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. Beaver-themed art will be available at the Fairweather Gallery (612 Broadway), at the adjacent Pop-Up Gallery (608 Broadway), and at Beach Books (616 Broadway). The exhibit will be on display at all three locations through the end of May.

The traveling exhibit includes artwork of al kinds, from paintings to fiber, wood, stone, glass and ceramics. With regional and local artists displaying their work, this stop in Seaside will bring together a multitude of styles and creativity.

Along with the month-long display, there will be workshops, tours, and other activities around Seaside. The exhibit will feature juried art for purchase, benefitting the three nonprofit sponsoring organizations listed above.

The goal of the exhibition is to recognize the aesthetic and ecological significance our state animal plays in the creation and maintenance of wetland habitats. Beavers, though woefully misunderstood, actually create and sustain wetlands that aid in resuscitating wetland and riparian stream habitats. They play a central role in shaping our future as we prepare for transformations that a warming and changing climate may bring. The sponsoring organizations are working together to learn more about how we can work with beaver to conserve and restore natural systems.

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Additional information and photos are available from Sara Vickerman (

Beaver Tales curator:

Sara Vickerman retired after 37 years from Defenders of Wildlife, where her job was the conservation of wild animals in functioning ecosystems. She holds degrees in art, anthropology, biology, geography and education.

Take note! Beaver Tales Art and Exhibition runs throughout the month of May in the historic district of downtown Seaside.

Two 2017 CEDR winners from Seaside!!!

While businesses spanning all through out Clatsop County were recognized at this year’s Clatsop Economic Development Resources award ceremony, Seaside businesses got extra time in the spotlight. Two businesses awarded are based in Seaside, including Ruth Swenson of the Hillcrest Inn and Kathy Peterson…

Source: Two CEDR winners from Seaside


While businesses spanning throughout Clatsop County were recognized at the  year’s Clatsop Economic Development Resources (CEDR) award ceremony, Seaside businesses got extra time in the spotlight. Two businesses awarded are based in Seaside, including… read more at March 31, 2017 …Community Calendar page 8A



So it goes on… four ladies  with ties to the historic Gilbert District in Seaside have been honored by CEDR for Business Service to the Community/ Clatsop County, Oregon representing excellence in small business entrepreneurship, community service, job creation and economic impact.

Karen   Emmerling, Beach Books 

Denise  Fairweather, Fairweather House & Gallery  

Ruth Swensen, Hillcrest Inn 2017 

Kathy   Peterson, KP Graphic Arts



Denise Fairweather, Fairweather House and Gallery, Business Service to the Community Award 2015


Karen Emmerling, Beach Books, Business Service to the Community Award 2014

Congratulations!  Ruth Swenson and Kathy Peterson 2017 CEDR Business Service to the Community Award winners!!!

Beaver Tales arriving to the historic Gilbert District ! Save the date! May 6th.

Seaside art Walk logo

May 6, 2017 5:00-7:00 pm

Seaside First Saturday Art Walk, Seaside, OR

Beaver Tales 

Beaver, our beloved state animal, is woefully misunderstood and blamed for dam building, flooding and munching on plants.

In fact, Oregon beaver, nearly exterminated by trappers by 1900, creates wetlands, spawning and rearing habitat for salmon and steelhead, habitat for insects, birds and amphibians and create pools that keep water clean and moderate fluctuations in water flow.

They are nature’s hydrologists.

There is a slow but growing appreciation and recognition of the positive benefits that beaver play in Oregon.

It is time for more Oregonians to know about and celebrate our state mammal.

Art exhibits are a great way to raise the profile of beaver, wetlands and Oregon artists.

Limited art depicting beaver and their wetland and stream habitats.

Our beaver art exhibit is a fun way to celebrate beaver, wetlands and Oregon artists.

Artwork of all kinds; photographs, paintings, prints, cards, quilts, etc. depict the beaver and wetland habitat.

They are in any style – realistic, abstract, whimsical, collage, etc.

Three-dimensional pieces are of ceramic, wood, fiber art, or other media.

A percentage of the sale of the artwork will support various wetland conservation  partners who are working on beaver and wetland conservation, restoration and education in Oregon.



Frances Backhouse small

Author Frances Backhouse

May 6, 2017

First Saturday


Beach Books, Beaver Tales Partner
616 Broadway St., Seaside Or

Author Reading: ONCE THEY WERE HATS: In Search of the Mighty Beaver

 The book was heralded by The Globe and Mail as one of the “20 books you’ll be reading–and talking about–for the rest of the year.”

The sale of  books  will benefit the Wetlands Conservancy, Necanicum Watershed Council, and NCLC, North Coast Land Conservancy.


May 6, 2017

First Saturday Art Walk


Fairweather House and Gallery, Beaver Tales Partner

612 Broadway St., Seaside Or


Curington beaver closeup

Selected Beaver partner Susan Curington,  featured artist at  Fairweather’s

Maine- What do I do with this big fat tail

Beaver  partner Neal Maine, selected  nature photographer at Fairweather’s

Artists from Fairweather House and Gallery have created art representing the good works that the Beaver do in Oregon. For more about the artists, please visit artists tab … Paul Brent … Mike Brown … Jo Pomeroy-Crockett … Susan Curington … Agnes Field … Neal Maine.

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To support the arts, regional artists, authors and lectures!

Beaver Tales Partners


■The Wetlands Conservancy ■ Necanicum Watershed Council

■North Coast Land Conservancy ■ Lower Nehalem Watershed Council


■Arlene Schnitzer ■ Village Gallery of Arts ■ Beach Books ■ Grass

Roots Books ■ Broadway Books ■ Neal Maine, PacificLight Images

Event venues:

■ Fairweather House and Gallery–Seaside

■ Beach Books- Seaside

■Gilbert Block Building- Seaside

To learn more about the beneficiaries, please visit:

The Wetlands Conservancy has added a page to their web site with more information about beavers. This one has links to several beaver videos and has a few photos of beaver dams. Go to


—————————————————————————————————————————————–And, too, selected  locations, in the Gilbert Block Building,  including a pop-up gallery space devoted exclusively to beaver-themed art, courtesy of Avery Loschen and Will Perkins.  The historic Gilbert District will feature BEAVER TALES art, lectures and receptions for cultural arts patrons, artists and guests throughout the afternoon and evening of May 6th.  Save the date. Free and open to the public!!!



Gilbert District

The Gilbert Block Building, Seaside, Or. Located on the corner of Broadway Street and Holladay Drive.  Dedicated parking for the historic Gilbert District is on the corner of Holladay and Oceanway.

About the BEAVER TALES curator:  Sara Vickerman is retired from Defenders of Wildlife, where she worked for 37 years to conserve wild animals in functioning ecosystems. She has degrees in art, anthropology, biology, geography and education.


In addition, local conservation groups will host educational workshops throughout May.

Please watch this post for more information.

BeaverTales_2pgFrWEB 117


Seaside First Saturday Art Walk: February 2017

SEASIDE — The Seaside First Saturday Art Walk, celebrating 13 years in 2017, is all about the arts. Visitors meet artists, view artist demonstrations, listen to art lectures or enjoy live performances in music. The next art walk will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 4 in the historic…read more…

Source: Seaside First Saturday Art Walk: February 2017

Discover Seaside’s hidden treasure, the historic Gilbert District, within walking distance of the beach.

SunRose Gallery, Moxie Fair Trade, Fairweather House and Gallery, Beach Books and T. Anjuli Salon and Gallery: featured Gilbert District store fronts during the December 3rd Seaside First Saturday Art Walk.
Photos by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.

Please visit

This holiday season come and discover Seaside’s hidden treasure, the historic Gilbert District, located on the corner of Broadway and Holladay, one block west of Pacific Coast Highway 101.

History, heritage, arts, galleries, crafts, great places to eat and drink and lots of independent shops with dedicated parking on the corner on Oceanway and Holloday, just minutes away from the great Pacific Ocean.

AW map


City of Seaside encouraging caution as Thursday storm front moves into area.

Seaside, Ore. – December 8, 2016 – The National Weather Service is predicting the potential for a severe weather event to enter the Seaside and Astoria area in the next 18-24 hours, and the City of Seaside is encouraging all residents and visitors to use caution with any activities they have planned or may be considering.

While it is expected that conditions could be fairly favorable when daylight first breaks tomorrow morning, it’s likely that predicted mid-morning snow could quickly turn to sleet and eventually freezing rain. What makes the possibility for this particular event to be so significant to motorists and anyone traveling is that the storm front could likely last from mid-morning (beginning around 9 a.m.) into the early evening hours (up until 7 or 8 p.m.) before we transition out of freezing precipitation and into regular rain.

East winds that are already starting to take shape late Wednesday afternoon are driving this event, and they are expected to continue well into Thursday afternoon and evening. This will keep temperatures along Oregon’s North Coast very cool and well below normal for our area. Ultimately, this leaves our area vulnerable to freezing rain and sleet for much of the day.

Seaside officials want to stress the importance to its residents to use extreme caution throughout the day as it is expected that the event will not yet have arrived when we first wake up Thursday morning. The Seaside School District has already announced a full closure of all school activities for Thursday, however the City of Seaside will be fully operational and prepared to act accordingly depending on the magnitude of the event.

This is a good reminder to make sure you have typical emergency and cold weather supplies on hand, including a good supply of blankets, water and easy to prepare foods. Officials will offer updates as they become available.


Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

The lights are turned way down low
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

But as long as you love me so
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!


Shirley Smith-Yates, Shirley 88 singing during the December Art Walk.

It’s easy to SEASIDE Oregon. From the 2016 visitor’s guide. All about the Gilbert District.


Hunt For Treasures Around Town, by Karen Vitt



And, too, the back story:

“Hello there, Jon,
We have a Gilbert District WordPress blog and would like to post an article about the Gilbert District that appeared in the 2016 edition. Would you be able to release that article to me to reprint? We, of course, would post a credit and a your permission to post the article in a sideline.”

That would be fine if you’d like to share this on your blog. The easiest way – if it works for you is to link directly to the virtual visitor guide page that the article appeared on. You can access that here:
Let me know if you have any further questions. Hope that works for you. Jon”



Jon Rahl, Director of Tourism Marketing

Save the date. June 4th. Beach Books show titled Ebb and Flow featuring artist Jeffrey Hall.


Jeffrey Hall/ The Green Cab Collective

“Hey there,
I have images for the June 4th showing as the featured artist for The Green Cab at Beach Books. The theme for June is “Ebb and Flow” I would like to do a sand painting demonstration during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk opening down on the beach and then another applying color in front of or inside the store at Beach Books if that works out with Karen. I will bring tarps so as not to mess up the floor.”
Jeffery Hall

Beach Books in the Loft Gallery at 616 Broadway June 4th

Features The Green Cab, (a group of artists inspired by the influential BlueRider artist group (Der Blaue Reiter) of Europe in the early 20th century,) was created with the goal of encouraging and inspiring each other, sharing techniques and information about the business side of art, and sharing their work with the public. The “Cabbies” are a synergistic alliance of artists, working in a variety of mediums.

Participating artists for June are Jeffrey Hall, Amy Brodie-Osborne, Patricia Krishnamurthy, and Bruce Ulrich.

Ebb and Flow is the theme for June.  Artist Jeffrey Hall will do a sand painting demonstration during the Saturday Art Walk opening applying color inside the store. Hall enjoys using re-purposed materials in his art making process.

About Multimedia Artist Jeffrey Hall
I enjoy using re-purposed materials in my art making process. My surface building explores real and imagined space, while leaving room for the viewers own interpretation and experience.

In 1980 I learned how to use sand from the beach as a layer over a canvas substrate and respond to the resulting patterns and texture.
Over the years I have built on the tradition started by artist Fred Kline who taught at Portland State University and from his direct student who was my high school art teacher; artist Judy Vogland Dayton. Judy taught surface building on the Oregon Coast for over 36 years.

I like to think I have expanded from the initial treatment to using other substrates like polystyrene and wood and used sand from around the globe. Sand has its own unique coarseness and texture depending on ocean or river and lake origins.
This current show is my nod to Judy and Fred showing works from 1980-2016. I will be demonstrating on the beach and at Beach Books on the first Saturday Art Walk during the month of June in Seaside, Oregon.

You can find me at: and
Email me at: and Instagram: Jeffrey Hall Art

News from Seaside Jorjett Strumme!


Hi Friends,
I am doing an event, “My Life in Hollywood” at BEACH BOOKS, (616 Broadway; Seaside, OR) Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at 7:00. There will be wine and snacks. Much like the talk with photos that I gave at the Seaside Library, last year: fun photos and reminiscences from my days in Hollywood. I will also share stories about Firooz Zahedi’s new book, MY ELIZABETH – I am included in the book multiple times with both mentions and photos. Proceeds from the book go to The Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation. Hope you can come. Thanks, Jorjett

Life for Seaside, Oregon native, Jorjett Strumme, has been an adventure echoing those on the big screen of old Hollywood. Jorjett’s lifelong dream of designing and creating glamorous fashion for the legends of Hollywood was a dream destined to come true. The glamorous, “Golden Age” of Hollywood, is still a source of inspiration for the artist and designer.
“I was so lucky to be in the right place at the right time. People ask me so often, how did you get from Seaside, Oregon to Hollywood, California? I had a lot of guts, a lot of determination and a lot of good luck.”

Learn more about Jorjett Strumme at

Seaside First Saturday Art Walk Feb. 6th after party at Beach Books.

Photos from the February 6th Seaside First Saturday Art Walk Green Cab show at Beach Books.

Beach Books featured the entire the Green Cab Artist Collective, a working artist group located in Washington County that was created with the goal of encouraging and inspiring one another, sharing artist techniques and information about the business side of art, and sharing work with the public. The “Cabbies” are a synergistic alliance of artists, working in diverse mediums from the greater Portland area. The February show includes work from artists Anne E. Brown, Penny Forrest, Lisa Griffen, Jeffery J. Hall, Kathryn Jtineant, Christine Martell, Helvi Smith, Bruce Ulrich, Jim Zaleski and Elina Zerbergs.

Beach Books Feb. I

Beach Books II

Beach Books III

Beach Books IV

Beach Books V

SAVE THE DATE! Next Seaside First Saturday Art Walk is March 6th. For more information about that event, please visit http://www.facebook/SeasideFirstSaturdayArtWalk.

The Green Cabbies will install new art work!!!
Beach Books VI

Seaside First Saturday Art Walk. March 5th. In the historic Gilbert Block.

Celebrating 12 years in 2016, the next Seaside First Saturday Art Walk, will be held on March 5th, 5-7: pm. The event is all about selling art.

Visitors meet artists, sip wine or snag appetizers by favorite restaurants or personal chefs, at times, view an artist demonstration and, oftentimes, enjoy live performances in music. The affairs are free and are all about raising awareness for the cultural arts in businesses, shops, boutiques and dining establishments located between Holladay and Broadway in the historic Gilbert District of downtown Seaside.


Two significant exhibitions are featured this month:

Beach Books, 616 Broadway

The Green Cab, (a group of artists inspired by the influential BlueRider artist group (Der Blaue Reiter) of Europe in the early 20th century,) was created with the goal of encouraging and inspiring each other, sharing techniques and information about the business side of art, and sharing our work with the public. The “Cabbies” are a synergistic alliance of artists, working in a variety of mediums.

About the artists:

Helvi Smith
, founder of the Green cabbies, paints every day. Color never scares her. She is a fearless, self-taught painter. Bruce Ulrich believes that all art is an abstraction, and painting is, at its core, colored marks on a flat surface. Painting is a way of investigating different styles and uses of abstraction to explore landscapes, objects, colors and textures. Penny Forrest uses art as an invitation to slow down, look around, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us daily in our busy and cluttered lives. Jim Zaleski combines the traditional art forms of painting and drawing with the high tech computer world to produce colorful and exciting art that is full of vibrant colors and loaded with whimsy.

Jeff Hall enjoys using re-purposed materials in his art making process. His surface building explores real and imagined space, while leaving room for the viewer’s own interpretation and experience. Barbara Martin comes from a line of story tellers and herbalists and the product of an internationally nomadic life. An Oregon artist who channels the primordial through her art, calling us home to our most ancient roots of time and place. Anne E. Brown paints on wooden panels: loving the way the brush and the paint feels when they touch the surface of the panel, letting some of the wood show through. Elina Zebergs’s art is as varied as her interests. She works in a variety of mediums, including acrylics and encaustic (wax) painting. She is also an accomplished muralist.

Hevli Smith at Beach Books
Helvi Smith at Beach Books

Elina's crows at Beach Books

Elina Zeberg at Beach Books

Fairweather House and Gallery, 612 Broadway

Celebrates its 10th anniversary with an opening reception for an exhibition titled Above and Beyond, offers insightful, timely and relevant works of art about the spring season. Regional artists, selected, basically, to acknowledge the coastal flyway habitats and to awaken our senses to nature from the ground up.
About the artists:
Britney Drumheller, Cannon Beach resident, along with Abbas Atwi, offers art that functions as symbolic expressions relating to the value people attach to the North coastal tidelands and its marine life.

Britney owl

Britney Drumheller’s OWL at Fairweather’s

Art by Kathryn Delany includes many diverse aspects of life, challenging a viewer’s horizons and viewpoint of the world. Delany explores the art of birds and mixed media inspired by the passing of the winter solstice.

Soltice Bird at Fairweather's by KAthryn Delany

Kathryn Delany From a Bird’s Point of View at Fairweather’s

Rosemary Klein works in the realm of visionary truths. Yet, as a former journalist and reference librarian, it’s sometimes hard for the artist to let of to the literal and venture into the more intuitive dimension of “what if?” Klein’s featured art is found in the beyond if one could see below the sea.

Rosemary Klein at Fairweather's

Rosemary Klein Ode to Joy at Fairweather’s

Seaside/ Gearhart naturalist Neal Maine will reveal his latest natural history photo journal, as well as providing lecture at 6:00pm about what is above and beyond “the coastal edge”.


Special guest Joshua Saranpaa, Executive Director of the Wildlife Center of the North Coast, will speak about promoting compassion, empathy and respect for all life. Flynn, the ever dashing American Kestrel, visits.


“WCNC” is a volunteer based non-profit Oregon corporation with IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, whose mission is to rehabilitate injured, sick, orphaned and displaced native wildlife with the goal of releasing healthy, viable wildlife back into the appropriate habitat. Operating under permits issued by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife and the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Light refreshments. wine tasting and live music by Shirley 88 will be offered.

Shirley 88

In addition, original art is featured at:
SunRose Gallery, 606 Broadway
Seaside Coffee House, 3 N. Holladay Drive
T. Anjuli’s Gallery, 5 N. Holladay Drive



Participating Restaurants:

McKeown’s, 1 S Holladay Drive
Three Little Bird’s Bakery, 8 N Holladay Drive
Tora Sushi, 619 Broadway
Nooni’s Bistro, 831 Broadway
McKeown’s, 1 S Holladay Drive

Complimentary parking for the historic Gilbert District is on the corner of Holloday and Oceanway.
AW map