Peddler’s Row opens July 12th in the historic Gilbert Block Building! Avery and Will said to share the news! And, so, we are!

Peddler’s Row comes back to the historic Gilbert Block Building!

A visual and exciting shopping experience opening at 600 Broadway St, Seaside, Oregon!

Peddler’s Row will offer designer goods, work created  by artisans, creators, craftsmen  with one-of-a-kind decor gathered from all over the country!

Peddler’s Row is a new-old business curated by Avery Loschen and Will Perkins, property owners of the Gilbert Block Building and  former proprietors of Palapa Beach (where Beach Books is currently located).  

Loschen and Perkins are extraordinary collectors of anything and everything!

Peddler’s Row will showcase exquisite objects d’art, selected as goods to sell because they are beautiful, artistic or interesting.



Peddler’s Row located at 600 Broadway on the sunny corner  of the Gilbert Block Building along the Necanicum River Walk in downtown Seaside.

To read more about the exquisite taste of the Seaside/Nebraska Peddler’s Row proprietors, go to

Q: Where is the historic Gilbert Block Building, you ask?
A: On Broadway in the heart of downtown Seaside. Directions: On the corner of Highway 101 and Broadway, turn West at the stoplight. The historic Gilbert District stretches down the first two blocks of blocks of Broadway to the Necanicum River.



Coast Explorer Magazine
Seaside’s Past is Back in Style
The historic Gilbert District in Seaside pays homage to its past while offering an updated home to a variety of trendy businesses.

Seaside’s carefully restored commercial area east of the Necanicum River houses some of the city’s oldest buildings and is home to an array of interesting coastal shops, galleries and eateries. The historic Gilbert District pays homage to its past while offering an updated home to a variety of trendy businesses. Strolling along this artfully restored section of downtown Seaside, you will discover businesses filled with fine art, jewelry and fashion, and spaces brimming with relics from days gone by, shops offering great collections of home décor and accessories, and eateries serving up a variety of tastes from sushi to sweets. A visit to Seaside’s downtown shopping district isn’t complete without a stroll into this historic section of present-day Seaside, where you’re sure to catch a sense of the Seaside from days of old. Video by Nate Burke, Seaside Visitor’s Center

Seaside’s beautifully restored Gilbert District is peppered with historic architecture from days of old – including two of the city’s oldest buildings framing the intersection at Broadway and Holladay Drive. Stroll with us down Broadway and hear the classic Gilbert District tales from the distant past.




Palapa Beach in Seaside, OR Beach, which also operates under the name Peddler Palapa Beach, is located in Seaside, Oregon. This organization primarily operates in the Resort …



Fun facts:

The Gilbert District, established in 1914, celebrated 100 years of rich history and timeless tradition in 2014. Awarded the 2004 Oregon Main Street Downtown Gateway Award, the area is now home to shops, restaurants, galleries and boutiques. Dedicated parking is located one block West off the Pacific Coast Highway 101, on the corner of Holladay and Broadway.



In addition, Avery Loschen and Will Perkins were involved in the Oregon Main Street Downtown Gateway Award that was given to the Gilbert District in 2004.

Avery Loschen and Will Perkins, proprietors of Peddler’s Row, also operate the Seaside Antique Mall, located in the historic Gilbert District.

And, too, they are the property owners of Wheatley/Desler Building in the historic Gilbert District, as well as owners of the Gilbert Block Building.







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