What’s up next, you ask? BEAVER TALES art demonstrations!

Painting Seaside LIVEtm – Artist Demonstrations
Beaver Tales
608 Broadway, Seaside




Date/Time     Artist                   Demonstration                

May 15

1-3 PM

Judy Shaw Oil painting  
May 17


Joanne Pari-Mueller Calligraphy and water color  
May 18


May 19


Loretta Sampson Leather carving


Painting on leather

May 20



Mariana Mace Cordage making from natural fibers, splitting cedar for basketry
May 25



Sandy Visse

Clay art demo

May 26


Susan Curington Acrylic painting
May 27


Linda Sprau

Meet and Greet

May 28


Jude Welter Water color  


Grace note to the artists:

“The Seaside exhibit is going very well.  Denise Fairweather did an incredible job of securing the pop-up space, furniture and accessories (even beaver sticks) for the display, which resulted in a lovely presentation.  Her careful attention to detail and perfectionism are mind-boggling. Even before it officially opened, visitors poured in to view the art. The exhibit is divided between the Fairweather Gallery at 612 Broadway and adjacent pop-up space Beaver Tales at 608 Broadway. Seaside First Saturday Art Walk was a great success, attracting  quite a crowd of beaver art enthusiasts. We’ve sold 5 pieces so far at Seaside. Thanks so much for those of you who attended the opening and to Mike Mason, who  did a demo of his lovely botanical  art on Sunday.

I’ve attached the calendar, hoping that anyone who hasn’t confirmed their interest in spending a few hours at the gallery will let us know, especially if there is a demo involved. That will allow us to promote the event in advance for maximum attention. 

Best wishes, and thanks again for participating in this exciting event.”   Sara Vickerman

For more info contact  svickerman@comcast.net


Beaver Tales curator:

Sara Vickerman retired after 37 years from Defenders of Wildlife, where her job was the conservation of wild animals in functioning ecosystems. She holds degrees in art, anthropology, biology, geography and education.





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