Beaver Tales arriving to the historic Gilbert District ! Save the date! May 6th.

Seaside art Walk logo

May 6, 2017 5:00-7:00 pm

Seaside First Saturday Art Walk, Seaside, OR

Beaver Tales 

Beaver, our beloved state animal, is woefully misunderstood and blamed for dam building, flooding and munching on plants.

In fact, Oregon beaver, nearly exterminated by trappers by 1900, creates wetlands, spawning and rearing habitat for salmon and steelhead, habitat for insects, birds and amphibians and create pools that keep water clean and moderate fluctuations in water flow.

They are nature’s hydrologists.

There is a slow but growing appreciation and recognition of the positive benefits that beaver play in Oregon.

It is time for more Oregonians to know about and celebrate our state mammal.

Art exhibits are a great way to raise the profile of beaver, wetlands and Oregon artists.

Limited art depicting beaver and their wetland and stream habitats.

Our beaver art exhibit is a fun way to celebrate beaver, wetlands and Oregon artists.

Artwork of all kinds; photographs, paintings, prints, cards, quilts, etc. depict the beaver and wetland habitat.

They are in any style – realistic, abstract, whimsical, collage, etc.

Three-dimensional pieces are of ceramic, wood, fiber art, or other media.

A percentage of the sale of the artwork will support various wetland conservation  partners who are working on beaver and wetland conservation, restoration and education in Oregon.



Frances Backhouse small

Author Frances Backhouse

May 6, 2017

First Saturday


Beach Books, Beaver Tales Partner
616 Broadway St., Seaside Or

Author Reading: ONCE THEY WERE HATS: In Search of the Mighty Beaver

 The book was heralded by The Globe and Mail as one of the “20 books you’ll be reading–and talking about–for the rest of the year.”

The sale of  books  will benefit the Wetlands Conservancy, Necanicum Watershed Council, and NCLC, North Coast Land Conservancy.


May 6, 2017

First Saturday Art Walk


Fairweather House and Gallery, Beaver Tales Partner

612 Broadway St., Seaside Or


Curington beaver closeup

Selected Beaver partner Susan Curington,  featured artist at  Fairweather’s

Maine- What do I do with this big fat tail

Beaver  partner Neal Maine, selected  nature photographer at Fairweather’s

Artists from Fairweather House and Gallery have created art representing the good works that the Beaver do in Oregon. For more about the artists, please visit artists tab … Paul Brent … Mike Brown … Jo Pomeroy-Crockett … Susan Curington … Agnes Field … Neal Maine.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To support the arts, regional artists, authors and lectures!

Beaver Tales Partners


■The Wetlands Conservancy ■ Necanicum Watershed Council

■North Coast Land Conservancy ■ Lower Nehalem Watershed Council


■Arlene Schnitzer ■ Village Gallery of Arts ■ Beach Books ■ Grass

Roots Books ■ Broadway Books ■ Neal Maine, PacificLight Images

Event venues:

■ Fairweather House and Gallery–Seaside

■ Beach Books- Seaside

■Gilbert Block Building- Seaside

To learn more about the beneficiaries, please visit:

The Wetlands Conservancy has added a page to their web site with more information about beavers. This one has links to several beaver videos and has a few photos of beaver dams. Go to


—————————————————————————————————————————————–And, too, selected  locations, in the Gilbert Block Building,  including a pop-up gallery space devoted exclusively to beaver-themed art, courtesy of Avery Loschen and Will Perkins.  The historic Gilbert District will feature BEAVER TALES art, lectures and receptions for cultural arts patrons, artists and guests throughout the afternoon and evening of May 6th.  Save the date. Free and open to the public!!!



Gilbert District

The Gilbert Block Building, Seaside, Or. Located on the corner of Broadway Street and Holladay Drive.  Dedicated parking for the historic Gilbert District is on the corner of Holladay and Oceanway.

About the BEAVER TALES curator:  Sara Vickerman is retired from Defenders of Wildlife, where she worked for 37 years to conserve wild animals in functioning ecosystems. She has degrees in art, anthropology, biology, geography and education.


In addition, local conservation groups will host educational workshops throughout May.

Please watch this post for more information.

BeaverTales_2pgFrWEB 117



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