Grand Opening: Moxie Fair Trade


Pictured is Hannah Nebeker (left) and owner Sarah Simmons (right)

Moxie is a unique and conscientious business filled with the eclectic from exclusive jewelry to eco-friendly clothing where everything is handmade. Illustrious and innovative, Moxie is an altruistic institution of significant change in the world of business.

Sarah Simmons, founder, characterizes Moxie as a “super fun store with playful clothing.”

Previously stationed in Manzanita for 11 years, Moxie has been moved to Seaside, Oregon for easy access for those traversing the Oregon Coast.

An established member of the Fair Trade Federation, Moxie demonstrates a genial and equitable approach to conducting business. The Fair Trade Federation is a variant of international trade created to fulfill a humanitarian set of values: providing fair wages, working with marginalized people in desperate need of opportunity, and respecting the environment. It is composed of over 100 nonprofit companies and 45 countries.




Come shop and make a difference!

Located in the Kirwen Building at Seaside Yoga Retreat Center: 609 Broadway St, Seaside, OR 97138

AW map


-Amy Kiefer

Freelance reporter for the Historic Gilbert District


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