About: Born to Be You (tiful)

nikki luxuria

Brenda Mahaffy, esthetician at Nikki Luxuria, is celebrating the recent opening of her business where she provides waxes, facials, and massages.

Bringing a unique flavor to Seaside as the only esthetician on the West Coast to use organic seaweed infused wax, Mahaffy also distinguishes her craft by incorporating therapeutic elements in every service. The positive ambience is created through tranquil auditory undertones, soft visuals and Mahaffy’s dedication to ensure total relaxation throughout any given process.

An Australian native, Mahaffy was drawn to the Oregon coast due to both its aesthetic allure and proximity of family and friends. Passionate about the symbiotic transfer of energy present in physical treatments, Mahaffy delivers an incomparably soothing and high-caliber experience.

Mission: “To nurture the beauty of YOU! With passion we provide our guests a quality service coupled with superior products in a relaxed tranquil setting. Indulge yourself and leave healthier and revitalized!”

Contact: 503-739-4885

Hours: Monday (by appointment only) and Tuesday-Saturday (9am-7pm)

Website: http://www.borntobeyoutiful.com

Located in the  Wheatley/Desler Building at Nikki Luxuria: 734 Broadway Street Seaside, OR 97138

AW map


-Amy Kiefer

Freelance reporter for the Historic Gilbert District


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