Save the date. June 4th. Beach Books show titled Ebb and Flow featuring artist Jeffrey Hall.


Jeffrey Hall/ The Green Cab Collective

“Hey there,
I have images for the June 4th showing as the featured artist for The Green Cab at Beach Books. The theme for June is “Ebb and Flow” I would like to do a sand painting demonstration during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk opening down on the beach and then another applying color in front of or inside the store at Beach Books if that works out with Karen. I will bring tarps so as not to mess up the floor.”
Jeffery Hall

Beach Books in the Loft Gallery at 616 Broadway June 4th

Features The Green Cab, (a group of artists inspired by the influential BlueRider artist group (Der Blaue Reiter) of Europe in the early 20th century,) was created with the goal of encouraging and inspiring each other, sharing techniques and information about the business side of art, and sharing their work with the public. The “Cabbies” are a synergistic alliance of artists, working in a variety of mediums.

Participating artists for June are Jeffrey Hall, Amy Brodie-Osborne, Patricia Krishnamurthy, and Bruce Ulrich.

Ebb and Flow is the theme for June.  Artist Jeffrey Hall will do a sand painting demonstration during the Saturday Art Walk opening applying color inside the store. Hall enjoys using re-purposed materials in his art making process.

About Multimedia Artist Jeffrey Hall
I enjoy using re-purposed materials in my art making process. My surface building explores real and imagined space, while leaving room for the viewers own interpretation and experience.

In 1980 I learned how to use sand from the beach as a layer over a canvas substrate and respond to the resulting patterns and texture.
Over the years I have built on the tradition started by artist Fred Kline who taught at Portland State University and from his direct student who was my high school art teacher; artist Judy Vogland Dayton. Judy taught surface building on the Oregon Coast for over 36 years.

I like to think I have expanded from the initial treatment to using other substrates like polystyrene and wood and used sand from around the globe. Sand has its own unique coarseness and texture depending on ocean or river and lake origins.
This current show is my nod to Judy and Fred showing works from 1980-2016. I will be demonstrating on the beach and at Beach Books on the first Saturday Art Walk during the month of June in Seaside, Oregon.

You can find me at: and
Email me at: and Instagram: Jeffrey Hall Art


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