Save the date! Seaside First Saturday Art Walk. Feburary 6th, 2016 in the historic Gilbert District.

Grand re-opening.

Seaside Yoga, 609 Broadway

Seaside Yoga opens the cultural arts season in 2016 with a debut show featuring two talented Northwest artists, in conjunction with an anniversary celebration. “Seaside Yoga is turning two years old! Join us as we celebrate our grand re-opening during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk and introduce new work by our studio artists, Drea Frost and Sarah Louise! Over the course of the evening, we will be featuring new membership opportunities, discounts on events, classes & merchandise and a celebratory champagne toast!” Kristin Tschannen, owner.

Oregonian artist Drea Frost works in interdisciplinary photography, painting, fiber arts and sculpture. Her art explores nature, sublime, geometric patterns, human condition and relationships. Frost has exhibited at Hoffman Gallery and Oregon College of Art and Craft. Her work has been commended by Niche Awards and Local 14.

Drea Forst at Seaside Yoga

Sarah Louise Boslooper is a 26-year-old artist who loves to create artworks expressing the Pacific Northwest and nature or emotion in strong colors. She primarily works with acrylic or oil pastel on canvas or a mix of burning and painting on wood. She has a ‘hands on’ approach; if the paintbrush isn’t mastering the thought she’s trying to portray, she will literally paint with her fingers. Boslooper’s art can be viewed including the three-piece wave belonging to Seaside Yoga Studio, a commissioned (and completed) beautiful wall of art.

Sarah Louise at Seaside Yoga

The Seaside First Saturday Art Walk, celebrating 12 years in 2016 is all about the arts. Visitors about, meet artists, sip wine or snag appetizers by favorite restaurants or personal chefs, view artist demonstrations, listen to an artist talk or enjoy live performances in music.

The next art walk is Feb. 6th, 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday, at galleries located in the historic Gilbert District of downtown Seaside. Courtesy parking for the Gilbert block is available on the corner of Holloday and Oceanway. In addition to Seaside Yoga, the following businesses and galleries will participate:

Beach Books, 616 Broadway
Featuring the entire the Green Cab Artist Collective, a working artist group located in Washington County that was created with the goal of encouraging and inspiring one another, sharing artist techniques and information about the business side of art, and sharing work with the public. The “Cabbies” are a synergistic alliance of artists, working in diverse mediums from the greater Portland area. The February show includes work from artists Anne E. Brown, Penny Forrest, Lisa Griffen, Jeffery J. Hall, Kathryn Jtineant, Christine Martell, Helvi Smith, Bruce Ulrich, Jim Zaleski and Elina Zerbergs.

Penny Forrest at Beach Books

T. Ajuli’s Salon& Gallery, 7 North Holladay Drive
Featuring contemporary poster art work by gallery artist, gallery owner and Seaside philosopher Billy Lutz, who has painted in themes for thirty years, developing a philosophy of collectivism premised on the requirements of individual motive and other paradox. Fun Fact: He is a self-employed artist and sign painter for all of his adult life, providing for a family of five. Lisa Scigliano, wife of Bill Lutz for thirty years, gallery owner and artist offers original works of art, as well.

Tillamook Head by Billy Luta at T' Anjuli's

Seaside Coffee House, 3 N. Holladay Drive
Oftentimes, acting as a welcoming space where art enthusiasts gather, interact and collectively review the Art Walk experience, features art by Morgan Soller, whose pen and ink work is demonstrated through dramatic, subtle contrasts of light and shadows, as well as certain posters and stickers by artist Billy Lutz. “Transnational corporate philosophy is the train. Inertia is the track. Environmental calamity is the cliff. Middle class is the distracted passenger. Materialism is the closed curtain in the Pullman car. Slide the curtain. Open the window. Smell the life. Shake the lethargy.”

Poster art at Seaside Coffee Roasters

Participating Restaurants:

Nonni’s Bistro, 831 Broadway St, Seaside
McKeown’s, 1 S Holladay Drive, Seaside
Three Little Bird’s Bakery, 8 N Holladay Drive, Seaside
Tora Sushi, 619 Broadway Street, Seaside




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