Keeping arts and culture alive – Local News – The Daily Astorian

Lovers of the arts often face an agonizing trade-off when they move from big cities to smaller, more remote towns, like those along the Oregon Coast: They lose the smog and noise and congestion, yes, but they may also lose the abundant opportunities to enjoy and engage in the arts.

Please visit the link below to read the entire article by Erick Bengel, The Daily Astorian, December 11, 2015.

Source: Keeping arts and culture alive – Local News – The Daily Astorian

The Seaside Museum and Historical Society (located within walking distance of the historic Gilbert District) received a generous grant!

Special thanks to: Oregon Community Foundation. Clatsop Cultural Coalition received a grant of $2,000.

Clatsop County Coalition Board members:

Rosemary Baker-Monaghan, Astoria
Janet Bowler, Astoria
Sirpa Duoos, Astoria
Denise Fairweather, Gearhart
Jorge Gutierrez, Astoria
Lisa Kerr, cannon Beach
Charlene Larsen, Astoria
Jeanne Peterson, Astoria
Elizabeth Roe, Astoria High School apprentice
Carol Shephard, Hammond
Lee Stromquist, Warrenton



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