Viva Vino Van Gogh!!!



The 2 hours a completed painting

The reveal…in 2 hours a completed  oil painting.  Viva Vino Van Gogh!!!

A picture tells a story. Satisfaction and gratitude.

Great event last night 🎨🍷

Pictures show and tell from Fairweather’s premier Vino Van Gogh event in the historic Gilbert Block on the evening of Nov. 6th.

Thank you to Katherine Taylor, Cheryl King and Cindy Duvall for the night to remember.

Thank you to Will Perkins and Avery  Loschen, landlords for the Historic Gilbert Block Building,  for the room.

Thank you to Coast Weekend, Seaside Signal and the Daily Astorian for getting the word out about this first ever Seaside event.

Thank you to Linda Fenton-Mendenhall for the photographs.


I took my very first painting class tonight. Mine is the one on the right. Kidding!! I know,….stick with photography smile emoticon. It was a blast at the Vino Van Gogh paint and sip experience, held at the Fairweather House & Gallery. — Linda Fenton-Mendenhall


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