Who’s doing the Gilbert on July 3rd, you ask?


Doing the Gilbert on July 3rd:
J. Rae’s Wines, 608 Broadway
Features artist Tony Gardner., who through his studies in Japan with the masters of calligraphy, learned to still his mind and let the unconscious flow through. He seeks to fuse modern techniques and materials with the traditional teachings, starts by painting through a process of laying down a black calligraphic ideogram, upon which he superimposes layer upon layer of paint in a gridlike fashion.

Wood Panel Painting Tony Gardner artist at J. Rae's Wines

Beach Books, 616 Broadway
Features the Green Cab Artist Collective. The collective was created with the goal of encouraging and inspiring one another, sharing artist techniques and information about the business side of art, and sharing work with the public. The “Cabbies” are a synergistic alliance of artists, working in diverse mediums from the greater Portland area. The featured artist from the group opens an exhibit on July 3rd is Jim Zaleski, who works in pen and ink, watercolor and oil and often scan/photograph them in order to rework the images in Photoshop. That said, the end result is a hybridized art form, combining traditional art media with computers. His art favors abstraction over realism, gesture over detail and spontaneity over planning.


T. Anjuli’s Gallery, 5 N. Holladay Drive
Featuring contemporary poster art work by gallery artist, gallery owner and Seaside philosopher Billy Lutz and his wife Lisa Scigliano. In her artist’s statement, Lisa writes: “To say I love painting is a gross understatement. Though very difficult at times, it is the most rewarding and integral thing in my life. This of course, is outside of my husband, children and grandchildren. I love color. I love experimenting and painting in saturated colors. I love figure painting, but also paint florals, still lifes and ideas. I believe we all need beauty and the contemplation of self. I believe art, music, reading, nature and as much time spent with my family is the greatest joy and reason to live” .


Please visit http://www.facebook.com/ Seaside First Saturday Art Walk for more information about the July 3rd event and the July 4th Art Walk.


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