Feb. 21st. Arctic Light. Presentation.


Three West coast naturalists who traveled to the high Arctic last year, a trip sponsored by the Campion Foundation, have created a photographic journey featuring one-to-one spectacular moments found in nature.

On Saturday, Feb. 21st at 7: PM in the historic Gilbert Block Building, located on the corner of Holladay and Broadway,  Neal Maine and Daniel Dietrich, acclaimed nature photographers, will  open a conversation in support of the Alaska Wilderness League.

Alaska Wilderness League’s mission is to lead the effort to preserve Alaska’s wild lands and waters by engaging citizens and decision makers with a courageous, constant, victorious voice for Alaska.

“I feel that the story behind any image is more important than the final image itself. The maximum impact from any image comes from watching, learning and understanding an animal’s behavior long before clicking the shutter,” Daniel Dietrich.

Doug Ray, an environmental consultant working with North Coast Land Conservancy, NCLC, who traveled to Kaktovia, Alaska with Maine and Dietrich, will be Master of Ceremonies, welcoming guests and introducing the program.

Neal Maine, after a thirty-year career as an award winning biology teacher at Seaside High School,  became the first executive director of North Coast Land Conservancy, which he co-founded in 1986. Since his retirement from the land trust in 2010, he has pursued his passion for nature photography through PacificLight  Images.

With each purchase of an Arctic Light art work by Neal Maine and Daniel Dietrich, the book (valued at $40) “The Last Polar Bear” will be offered.

Through Steven Kazlowski’s unparalleled imagery, the most critical environmental issue of our time is brought to life. “The Last Polar Bear” places the reality of climate change in our hands.

“The continued survival of these magnificent white bears in their warming, and melting, Arctic world is uncertain, yet their fate is also a wake-up call compelling us to act now to stem global warming.”  –Steven Kazlowsi.

The Arctic Light presentation goes beyond incredible photographs, for the adventure began and ended  in the Pacific Ocean, the largest ocean on earth, offering a take-home awareness through the lens of one  times three. The event will help remind us that being aware of an  incredible moment can change a thought with ripples that may affect many.

It is hoped that wilderness literacy at the individual level is an important building block for intelligent decision-making awareness. Free and open to the public.

The presentation is co-sponsored by Denise Fairweather of Fairweather House and Garden and Karen Malmsten-Emmerling of Beach Books. Through the generosity of Avery Loschen, the Gilbert Block Building, a satellite pop-up community room was made possible.

Special thanks to: Seaside Chamber of Commerce, Seaside Civic and Convention Center, The Historic Gilbert District and McMenanim’s Gearhart Hotel.


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