100 Years Ago

(Created: Thursday, April 16, 2009 10:58 AM PDT)
100 years ago

April 17, 1909

Work on the two buildings in course of erection by Alex Gilbert has been somewhat delayed owing to the non-arrival of some of the lumber. Thursday, however, plenty of material was on hand, and further delays are not expected. The highest grade of fir is being used throughout, and both structures will reflect credit upon their owner.

About 30 Hungarians came down from Astoria Thursday en-route to Tillamook to work on the railroad grade. They took the “wallowby” route from this point.

Land, logged-off and brush land, as fertile and as favorable located, (within a few miles of Seaside), as any in Western Oregon, can be purchased cheaper than lands of the same quality can be had anywhere else on the Pacific Coast.

M.N. May will have a handsome home when it is completed, for no expense is being spared to make it attractive. The work of construction is progressing rapidly, and C.A. Brunold is installing modern plumbing from cellar to roof.

The Royal Bakery building is rapidly nearing completion and will add considerably to the value of property on Bridge Street. Mr. Menzel is to be congratulated for his enterprising spirit. His abundant faith in the present and future of Seaside is demonstrated in sensible and substantial manner.

Theodre Kingsley finished digging his potatoes this week. They are a fine lot, too, kept much better in the ground than they would if they had been dug last fall an stored in the cellar.


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